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The Mansions At Acqualina

STARTING WITH A WORLD-CLASS TEAM of architects, interior designers and hand-picked craftsmen from all over the world, we designed The Mansions to surpass expectation at every level. The result is extraordinary Mansions-in-the-Sky with breathtaking views, bold, inspiring design, exquisitely nuanced finishes, materials and fixtures, and a level of construction never before seen in residential development.

Mansions at Acqualina Preconstruction Condo

Fabulous property, the Mansions at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, is a condominium tower offering extreme opulence in 46 stories set on the beach for 6.75 acres. This staggeringly phenomenal building has 79 chateaus right off of the Atlantic Ocean with one outrageously ostentatious, 16,000 square foot penthouse that has a price tag of $16 million. It has distinguished itself as being the only penthouse that can boast of being this large in the entire area.
The Mansions at Acqualina were developed by the Trump Group, not associated with Donald Trump, and are located at 17749 Collins Avenue. The building in its entirety is comprised of 427,000 square feet of deliciously grandiose condominium homes.

The Aqualina was built to be known all over the world and to rival the best real estate that can be found anywhere. The luxuries and the services residents receive for being the privileged few in the world that reside here are known to be the most uncommon in the world of condominium living. The architects, designers, artists and creators all worked hard to offer an experience that has never been known before in the world of real estate.

The floor plans were drawn up to give people an impression of what their Mansions at Aqualina Sunny Isles Beach homes would look like, but it was impossible to enter in all of the intricacies of these wonderful homes. Everyone must keep in mind that there is so much more to these fabulous Sunny Isles Beach condos than can be expressed in the floor plans. The floor plans were meant to give a general description, but the developers may still make a few changes.

Another thing future residents must keep in mind is the fact that the appliances that have been added to the floor plans may not necessarily be a part of the final units. The appliances are for the purpose of demonstrating what the home might look like after completion. If the appliances are meant to be a part of the finished condominium home, they may not necessarily be the same size as was suggested in the floor plans. To be sure of what will be included in each particular floor plan, future residents are encouraged to consult the prospectus they received.

Anything that may be construed as a common area has not been added to the individual floor plans. This means that some walls and columns were not included in the floor plans. Section 3.2 of the future resident’s Declaration will be able to delineate each individual condominium home’s outer limits in greater detail. To find the specific location of the unit people would like to see, they only need to refer to the particular “Unit Area” they need clarified. When people refer to this document, they may believe that the condominium home looks very small. This would only be a function of the way in which the floor plan was drawn for demonstration purposes. The Unit Area uses standard architectural techniques for measuring the units and is identified as, “Typical Area.” The Typical Area cannot be considered to be the actual size of the condominium home.

The area in which this Sunny Isles Beach real estate is situated is known for the tranquility, the design and the finesse that is typical of Southern Florida. The Mansions at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach are associated with Acqualina Resort & Spa, and has a convenient bridge connecting the residents with the Resort. This Sunny Isles Beach real estate is reminiscent of the One Hyde Park Central in London for its luxuriousness, energy and elegance. The ability to obtain a condominium home in this building is an investment opportunity that cannot be missed, but it is also a remarkable place to raise a family!

The affluence, splendor and extreme usefulness of the Mansions at Aqualina Sunny Isles Beach condominium building comes from the incredible work of interior designers, Casa Fendi Designs & Collections and architecture by CFE Architects. All of the units are equipped with floors made of lustrous marble, wardrobes from Brazil finished with leather and closets so large homeowners can walk right in. The glass terraces cover the full expanse of the 10 foot, six inch ceilings in every unit.

Elevators take every resident of these condominium units to floors that only contain two homes. The bridge leading to the Acqualina Resort & Spa takes them to the comforting services they will receive when they travel to the Acqualina Hotel, a Five Diamond awarded hotel that is a leader in the hospitality industry.

The Mansions at Acqualina Building’s Amenities:

• A fitness center with juice bar and area for spa treatments spanning 25,000 square feet
• A play area for the children and their rest of their families
• Two lobbies, one in the South entrance and the other in the North entrance
• Bathrooms for men and women on both sides of each lobby
• Gardens landscaped to make residents believe they are in the Tropics
• Both lobbies have marvelous fountains to behold
• Huge waterfalls that block the residents sight of cars
• The reception area resembles that of the Acqualina Resort
• A Main swimming pool
• A Sunset swimming pool on the South side
• A private movie theater that has seating for 30
• An area where residents may entertain guests

The Mansions at Acqualina Building’s Floor Plans:

• These floor plans give new residents the option of creating their own vision for their homes
• Every condominium home has a permit currently in place for each new homeowner to enact their design plans
• The most common condominium home is 4,577 square feet with three bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms
• 854 square foot private terraces
• The maintenance cost is only $1.00 per square foot
• The interiors are finished in the colors champagne and bronze
• Residents have a choice of one of four designer-chosen color schemes
• Bathrooms bathed in onyx
• Kitchen appliances by the brand Kosher Double
• Appliances inside the homes by the brand Miele
• An area designated toward coffee and cappuccino
• The condominium homes are in a Smart building with a Smart Panel
• Residents can park as many vehicles as they desire
• Valet parking is mandatory
• Living quarters for the residents’ staff
• Penthouses on the 40th floor and beyond

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