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The Miami-Dade County area is a popular place to buy a home for many reasons. The sunny weather and exciting atmosphere of Miami attracts visitors all year round, and many people decide that this is a place that they would like to live. Though it may seem that Miami and the surrounding area are most attractive to singles and young couples, it actually has a lot to offer families, as well.
The city of Miami Beach has four elementary schools, as well as several private schools in the area. When you check with the Miami Parks and Recreation Department, you will also see that there are many family-friendly activities available, such as summer camp classes and programs for kids, and year-round activities that include public swimming pools and an ice skating rink.
Of course, there are always the clean beaches and warm ocean waters that are perfect for families and singles alike. Other cities in Miami-Dade County, such as Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, offer top-notch schools and family-friendly activities in the warm and inviting climate that Florida is famous for. For singles, the Miami-Dade county area offers some of the best nightclubs and recreational activities in the country.


The condominium business thrives in Miami; singles and couples move to Miami each year to be a part of the exciting day and night life as well as the thriving metropolitan business community. There are condominium complexes geared toward families also, and homes in the suburbs that are near enough to the city for easy commuting, but that also offer a quiet and positive atmosphere for raising children.

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